Many workers enjoy the flexibility and convenience of working remotely, however have recognized that it doesn’t fully replace in person work. For many employees, one or two remote days may ease things by promoting work life balance and containing commuting costs without sacrificing all the benefits of an office environment.

The process of returning to the office and life as it was pre-Covid can be a daunting process and differs from person to person. For some, the idea of jumping back into a previous way of life is welcomed, while for others it is quite traumatic. Clinical psychologist and trauma expert, Dr. Norman Itkowitz, shares some perspectives on reintegrating into the workplace in this blog.

Many of us in the corporate world rely so much on our logical brain that we accept that being left-brained is inherent in our makeup and, in large part, defines who we are and what we’re capable of.   But is this true?  This article explores the attributes assigned to the two hemispheres of our extraordinary brain, and whether they’re hard-wired and immutable or fluid and malleable. You may be surprised at what you read.