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At i3, our mission is to ensure your total satisfaction by providing
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– no matter how big or small.


i3’s Technical Writers and Analysts can work with you to meet any documentation challenge – from writing a single policy or procedure to restructuring an enterprise framework.


In every training format and medium, the courseware we develop for you is customized for your audience, environment, and challenges.

Information Integration

At i3, we’re continually breaking down the silos between documentation and training, and integrating them so that they work together and complement one another.


i3’s Technical Writers and Analysts can work with you to meet any documentation challenge:

  • Develop new or update existing documentation
  • Identify and address critical gaps
  • Eliminate redundancies and inconsistencies
  • Reuse information across documentation and training
  • Implement best practices and process improvements
  • Unify your documentation and training

Meet ANY challenge – large or small!

Trust i3’s team of exceptional technical writers and analysts to produce the documentation your firm needs — while freeing you up to focus on what your firm does best…

Manuals and Reference Materials

Regulatory / Compliance
Policies and Procedures
SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
Best Practices
User Guides
Sales and Customer Service Tools
Quick Reference Cards
Job Aids

Technical Documents

Project Lifecycle / SDLC
Business Requirement Documents
Functional Specifications
System Specs and Design Documents
IT Technical Manuals
Acceptance Test Plans and Scripts
Technical Implementation Guides
Flowcharts and Diagrams

Business Documents

Business and Gap Analyses
RFPs (Request for Proposals)
Marketing and Communication Materials
Company Newsletters
Research Papers


Web and Intranet-based
ECMS and Proprietary Information Repositories
Online Help


i3 specializes in designing and developing customized training strategies and courseware for our clients that focus on experiential learning and transfer of learning to the job.

After assessing the desired outcomes and target audience(s), we work with you to determine the appropriate training media for delivery. We have the experience to support the diverse needs of audiences in every environment and around the globe. Our learning experts also have industry-recognized experience in developing high-quality blended solutions that fit your needs.

In every training format and medium, our courses are engaging and customized with real-world tasks, compelling case studies and scenarios, and relatable story lines appropriate to your environment and its challenges. This proven methodology captures user attention and significantly increases retention and on-the-job application.


At i3, we don’t think effective, engaging, impactful training is all about using the latest, coolest technology. Our approach is to understand the need, and then leverage the most appropriate media to achieve your goals.

All of the custom training strategies and courseware that we produce for our clients are specifically targeted and created to address these questions:

  • What ability, knowledge, or skill gap needs to be addressed?
  • What are the optimal ways to engage the learner to ensure absorption and adoption?
  • What are the drivers?
  • What is the end goal?
  • How will success be measured?
  • How will the training contribute to the bottom line?

Information Integration

At i3, we’re continually breaking down the silos between documentation and training, and integrating them so that they work together and complement one another.

A few of the many benefits of this approach are…

  • Cohesive, consistent messaging
  • Elimination of redundant development and maintenance
  • Cost savings
  • Reduction of risk 
  • On-the- job performance support

As our name implies, at Information Integration we are passionate about ensuring that all of your information resources are working for you in a consistent, accessible way and without confusing or contradictory redundancies.

If your firm is like most, there are myriad information resources available to support management and staff in the performance of their jobs.  But are they …

  • Complementing one another?
  • Readily accessible?
  • Intuitively organized and available at the point of need?
  • Mapped to competencies?
  • Working as effectively as possible?

Historically, there has not been a holistic approach to optimizing information resources to support a company’s mission.  We can apply our “information integration approach” at the any level – departmental, functional, regional, enterprise, and global – and in a way that leverages your existing frameworks and technologies.

With the “Information Integration” approach, the results are impressive!


Read what our clients have to say about us

A one stop online guide designed to support business team leaders in day-to-day operations is getting rave reviews from supervisory staff!

Horizons Company Newsletter
Horizon BCBSNJ

Great facilitators; really kept us involved; fun, informative, engaging (didn’t find it hard to stay awake!); relevant examples, very  beneficial, focused on business goals.

Performance Consulting Skills for Trainers Feedback
Multinational Investment Banking Firm

This is one of the  best reference guides I’ve had and I wish it was available as a tool when I first started.

Business Team Leader, Service Division
Horizon BCBSNJ

I appreciate and highly respect your professionalism and commitment to excellence; a trait I saw in you and your i3 colleagues at our first meeting and which makes our working together fun, as well as mutually beneficial.

Paul Baghoomian, SVP Training & Development
New York Mortgage Corporation

I have worked with i3 on a large blended training project for our New York office and their work is top notch!

Manager, Learning Functions
Royal Bank of Canada

Thank you so much for all your hard work on getting the materials together and doing an awesome job presenting them at the training. Hope to work with you again sometime in the future.

Begoña Cubeiro, Pharmacy Business Consultant I
Horizon BCBSNJ

We plan to work with i3 again and highly recommend them for projects large and small.

Training and Program Manager
Multinational Telecommunications and Technology Firm

I valued the weekly status reports of each project and I3 was always proactive in making sure deadlines were met.

Christine Smyth, Operations Manager
Twinfields Capital, LLC

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Katherine Cauley and the i3 team in various engagements over the years – her enthusiasm, openness and full presence infuse every project and make it a real pleasure!

Training Manager
Global Investment Bank

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