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Katherine and i3 has been the best recruiter and contracting agency I’ve worked with. From the beginning she was instrumental in helping me understand the key job functions of the role we were looking at as well as which of my skills would be a good fit. She talked through my career goals with me and helped me make the decision about whether the role we were looking at would match the direction I wanted to take my career. She helped me clarify my resume so that it communicated my best skills and the activities that I wanted to be doing so that hiring managers could easily see how I fit into their organization. I highly recommend working with Katherine and i3.

Shelli Ellington,
Sr Instructional Designer

The i3 placement specialist at Information Integration Inc. helped edit my resume, and interviewed me carefully, ensuring that I was a good fit for a position with a major investment firm.  She prepared me so well for my interview with the company representative that my interview only lasted 10 minutes. The company requested my services immediately.  She also provided exceptional communication, support, and encouragement throughout the contract.

Max Cropper
Instructional Design Consultant

There are many consulting firms out there. Few can stand up to the credentials that i3 has acquired over the years. i3 was one of the very first to specialize in business analysis, documentation and training. While the scope of services has expanded over the years, i3 remains true to its roots: it provides best in class analysis, documentation and training services to organizations of all sizes and in a wide range of industries. I personally have had a long-standing professional relationship with i3 and have the highest respect for the company’s management, its operational integrity, and dedication to its clients. While opportunities abound in the IT / Cybersecurity field, I always look to i3 first for that next opportunity.

Steve Wantola,
Certified Information Security Manager

Working with Katherine has been the best experience in all my years as a contractor. She is professional, diligent, and persistent. When I was turned down for a contract, she came back seven months later when another contract was available at the same company. I guess she saw in me what others had not yet seen and believed I deserved a second chance. After yet another rejection, the contract was eventually offered and after 14 months on contract, I was offered the opportunity to convert to a full-time position. I owe a debt of gratitude to Katherine and i3. If you’re looking to work as a contract employee or if you are a company looking to work with high caliber people, i3 is your best bet.

Glenn McKenney,
Sr Instructional Designer

I’ve had a great experience working with i3.  I really appreciate that they connected me with an i3 contractor working in a similar position to the one I was interviewing for when I had a lot of questions early on.  And, I really appreciate the opportunities they gave me. I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with i3.

Marisa Padilla,
Instructional Designer

It was the summer of 2018 and I had been searching for a new job after relocating back, to New Jersey, from Virginia. I had a gap in my resume because that relocation was due to family care. My mom had just overcome breast cancer and I could, once again, go back to work full time. However, gaps often work against us. Luckily, I got a call that changed the course of my job search for the better. Katherine Cauley matched me to a change management/analyst role at one of the top financial services firms on Wall Street. Katherine thoroughly vetted my work history, education, and references, making sure that her client, and me, were the right fit beyond paper. After a couple of interviews I was hired.

Katherine understands that contractors are an integral part of her business, a partnership. She goes all in, with us and does her best to negotiate competitive rates. In my case, it was a productive working relationship that helped me gain valuable experience and further my skills.

I am, therefore, thankful for the opportunity and highly recommend Information Integration, without reservations.

Victoria Cepeda
Budget & Resource Analyst, Project Coordinator

i3 is a great place to work! Here is a list of reasons why:

1. Excellent onboarding experience – I had great guidance and explanation of processes before joining.

2. Ability to work for the top organizations in key projects – i3 partners with the best organizations in the country.  My project was with a Fortune 500 company in a core division.

3. Great opportunities for growth – The job fit was perfect for me and I was able to advance rapidly in the organization. I was offered full-time employment a year after joining.

4. Excellent communication and super-fast issue resolution – Any issues I had were resolved very quickly and it was a pleasure to deal with the staff at I3.

5. Efficient management of payments and timesheets – The processes in place were easy and I had no troubles with payments or tax-related issues.

6. Support for future career – I had to move out of the country and i3 provided me with references whenever I requested them for my future jobs without any delays.

Overall, my experience with i3 was exceptional and it is one of the best organizations I have worked for in my 6 years of experience. I highly recommend it.

Ashwini Sivaguru
Instructional Designer/Technical Writer

I contracted with Information Integration (i3) for eleven months for a well-known client in Orlando, FL. It was a very satisfactory experience. I specially appreciated i3’s Managing Director’s supportive and respectful manner. I look forward to be able to work with i3 again!  My experience with i3 was 100% positive.

Terri Williamson
Sr Technical Writer

I have worked with Information Integration Inc (i3INFO) on several assignments over the last decade. The assignments were well researched, analyzed and estimated accurately. The billing cycle was reasonable and the invoice payment process excellent. Additionally, the clients, (several of which were Fortune companies), were always happy with the work, and on many occasions rehired i3 for additional projects. My contract assignments with i3 were extremely productive and satisfying.

Antonio Vlachos
Sr Technical Writer and Business Analyst

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