Maintaining Optimal Health While Working Remotely

There are certainly plenty of benefits to working from home, such as saving time on the commute, and the ability to better control your schedule. However, there is a downside, too. It can be tricky to maintain optimal health while working from home. Here are some strategies that will help you maximize your time while also keeping you healthy:

Creating an Ideal Office Environment

Working from home has become the new normal for many of us. Offices are not opening up in the near future due to Covid-19, and some businesses are expecting to keep remote workforces intact even after the pandemic ends. There are several things that can help maximize productivity and ensure success for at home work set-ups.

Creating an ideal office environment in your home is critical to making a positive shift from office to home office. Carving out an area that you can associate with work and adding elements that trigger work mode for at-home working are keys to being successful. So how do we stay healthy while spending so much time in our homes? What can we do to make sure we eat properly, don’t overeat and get the exercise we need?

Finding the Optimal Exercise

There are no lack of exercise apps and programs for exercising from just about anywhere with little to no equipment. Equipment-dependent apps, such as Peloton, which began on a stationary bike, have now expanded their programming to include strength, yoga, running, stretching and barre classes. There are hundreds of live and recorded classes that can fit into any schedule and can be done with only a mat or towel and other improvised props such as bottles, cans and books.

If exercise apps don’t appeal to you, get outside and walk, run or cycle either with a buddy (or your pet) or with your smartphone and a great playlist. Try and set up a regular exercise period each day and add it into your calendar so it is high priority and will not get forgotten. In as little as fifteen minutes you will create an enjoyable routine that segments your day.

Eating Right

Are you eating right while you work from home? How do you make sure to get the nutrients you need and avoid gaining weight while being home? Planning meals and preparing ahead are equally important so as not to fall into unhealthy eating habits.

Buying fresh, seasonal ingredients and preparing menus ahead of time rather than opting for off-the-shelf processed food can transform a non-nutrient dense meal into a healthy one. The extra time you gain, as a result of not having to travel to work, can be spent on prepping and cooking healthful, nutritious meals and not binging.

Eat Meals Away from Your Desk

Avoid eating your meals in front of your computer or at your desk. Instead, schedule regular times to break away and enjoy your meals leisurely in a quiet spot in your home. Try taking your meals outside in your front or back yard or with family members. Create a respite from being in your home all the time so as not to feel cooped up.

Working from home has a silver lining. It has created a lot more flexibility so that healthier practices can be adopted. It may require more creativity in order to structure your day to fit in time for work, play and healthful practices, however once you have curated a well-rounded schedule that works for you, you may discover that working from home can be quite fulfilling.

Published on March 12th, 2021


Eileen Smouha

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