Global Corporate Trust

GCT Policies & Preferred Practices

An acquisition which created the largest Global Corporate Trust division in the financial industry resulted in the quadrupling of revenue and staff globally, introduced conflicting operating models, policies and procedures that were way out of sync, workload and priority management challenges, and risk issues.  i3 was brought in to help.  

We provided the leadership and a team of eight technical writers to collaborate with the firm’s project management and hundreds of subject matter experts worldwide to implement a solution that included the following elements:

  • Analysis of the current environment, including existing policies and procedures, as well as the underlying technology that supported the development, delivery, and maintenance of this information.
  • Update all policies and procedures; fill gaps; eliminate redundancies; segregate policy from preferred practices; address risk and exposure areas; capture differences for regions, business units, products, and entities; consolidate information by function; capture the impact of system conversions and integrations; and interlink all related information, including Bank policy, training materials, reference materials, Lotus Notes databases, intranet, and internet sites.
  • Research and recommend the appropriate tool/technology to use to support the development, delivery, management, and maintenance (dm2 Lifecycle) moving forward. This involved the analysis and consideration of both internal and external tools.  
  • Provide leadership in the design, development, and implementation of a content development and management tool in Lotus Notes, accessible to users globally via the intranet.
  • The tool that we partnered with the firm to produce enables easy user access via a clean web-based interface, interlinks all related information, contains a robust search feature, and allows users to submit comments via a convenient ‘Contact Us’ feature. The behind-the-scenes database contains useful features including Review/Approval Workflow, Draft/Publish/Archive modes; policy/practice review date alerts; Audit Trail, Workflow History, and Edit History; automated email Change Notification; policy/practice changes in advance of their effective date; and reporting capabilities.


The results of this project received broad acclaim. Users on all levels, including senior executive level management, were particularly impressed with its clean appearance, ease of use, direct access to the information they need, and interconnectedness with all related information.


  • “The site is very valuable and is important within Global Corporate Trust.  Everyone is excited about its launch.”
  • “The results are way above and beyond my expectations.  I was skeptical that a team of writers unfamiliar with Corporate Trust would be able to write our policies and procedures.  But you all did a fantastic job!”
  • “I’m pleasantly surprised that you were able to complete this huge, complex project on time and within budget.  I didn’t think it could be done!”