General Ledger Attestation Training

Royal Bank of Canada:

Global General Ledger Attestation Training

This Capital Markets corporation embarked on an initiative to develop a training program for employees who perform the General Ledger (G/L) attestation process, the impetus for which was to ensure a clear understanding of and compliance with the G/L Policy, to reduce a high number of errors, and to improve the accuracy of the attestations and reconciliations.

The blended training solution was initially geared toward approximately 150 users and consisted of instructor-led training, e-classroom (via WebAlliance), and web-based training. The training materials were also integrated with content in an online repository for use as reference-based learning (interlinked within the elearning courses), as well as a performance support resource while on the job. The online course materials were also translated into Queen’s English and French.  

Due to the popularity of the program, the audience for this training expanded globally and is still in use.

Measurable Success  

  • Staff more clearly understand and are able to fully comply with the General Ledger Attestation Policy.
  • The training and detailed procedures supported the management and staff in improving the accuracy of the attestations and reconciliations.
  • The program was expanded from its original audience of 150 people in Finance in several locations to more than 2,000 in both Finance and Operations in all regions globally.
  • The training courses and supporting reference materials are still in use today.


  • “Sr Management support has been strong and very positive. All in all, it has been a hit.”
  • “i3’s work on this large, blended training project was top notch.”
  • “The class was very informative and, surprisingly given the topic, a lot of fun!”

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