Contact Center Blended Training

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield:

Blended Training Program for Contact Center Business Team Leaders

When Horizon BCBS decided to outsource a major long-term training and documentation initiative, they brought in i3’s team of instructional designers and technical writers to design and develop a highly interactive blended training program for client-facing Business Team Leaders in the Service Division Contact Center (consisting of Telephone, Claims, and Correspondence teams servicing six distinctly different markets).  The impetus for the project was a lack of any form of coordinated formal training and performance support materials for this very diverse and complex role.  

The 17 courses were developed using a modularized approach that addressed the diverse requirements of these teams in an on-demand, web-based format (17 courses were developed) supported by extensive reference materials which we developed from scratch.  The reference materials were stored in a structured online information repository for easy access.  The program also consisted of learning labs, a peer mentoring program, and various job aids, as well as Enterprise/HR required courses that supplemented the Contact Center-specific training.  

While the program was originally intended for Business Team Leaders, the materials were so well received that we adapted and expanded them for use by supervisors and managers throughout the entire firm.

This documentation and training are now a mandatory part of the Orientation and Performance Plans for all new BTLs and managers.

Measurable Success  

  • The number of errors across all teams and markets was reduced.
  • Morale amongst both the Business Team Leaders, as well as their Contact Center staff improved, and attrition rate declined.
  • The program was expanded from its original Business Team Leader audience to Contact Center new hires, as well as all supervisors and managers throughout the entire company.
  • The project – and i3 – received an impressive write-up in the company newsletter.
  • The training courses and supporting reference materials are still in use today.

Some Kudos from the Team Leaders

  • “I have already used this training and online reference tool for several functions I needed to complete in my daily routine, and I did not require the assistance of another team leader.  It is wonderful!”
  • “This is one of the best reference guides that I’ve had, and I wish it was available as a tool when I first started.”
  • “I love these tools!”

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